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Life & Lyrics- “Sweet Little 16″

Published on January 21, 2014, by in LeeLee Blogs.

Sweet Little 16

I know it’s a Chuck Berry classic but the Bruce cover of “Sweet Little 16″ is one of my favorites! Inspired by Bruce singing the Berry smash hit from 1958, I’d like to share some wonderful memories from my “Sweet Little 16″ in 1988.

There’s no doubt that it was over the top! Balloons, favors, a sit down dinner at a restaurant, a dance floor, a DJ, and on and on. It was sort of a mini wedding rather than a Sweet Little 16.  And, I loved every minute of it! I didn’t sit down for a moment.  I danced the entire night with family and friends (yes of course…I danced to some Springsteen tunes).

LeeLee at her  Sweet Little 16

LeeLee at her
Sweet Little 16

My extremely loving and generous parents hosted a fantastic party.  What I remember most from that evening is my Dad’s speech/toast. It holds a very special place in my heart.

For years after the party, several members in my family (myself included) teased my Dad about the speech. I guess he might have been a little nervous speaking in front of over 100 people… (I told you it was a mini wedding)… he repeatedly wished me a lifetime of happiness, happiness, and more happiness! Looking back now I completely regret taking part in all of the teasing.  So sorry Dad! Happiness…that’s all people want in life….to be happy…isn’t it???? UGH!

So 26 years later, I’m really sorry Dad! It was the best speech and the best wish!!!! And, thanks Mom and Dad for the most over the top and fabulous “Sweet Little 16!”  I’ll never forget it. Cheers to Happiness, happiness, and more happiness!

Happiness, happiness, happiness

Happiness, happiness, happiness







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  1. Jodi

    Love this. Wish I was at your Sweet Little 16! Here’s to happiness always!

  2. Ryan Hilligoss

    Great post, as usual.