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Life & Lyrics- “Surprise Surprise”

Published on September 23, 2013, by in LeeLee Blogs.

Today is your birthday

We’ll raise a glass or two

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band


Surprise Surprise…I couldn’t pick a better song for today’s post. First of all, Surprise Surprise…Lee Lee is writing again. Amen!

And more importantly….

today is your birthday

September 23rd…Happy 64th Birthday Mr. Springsteen!

Back to Surprise Surprise...why so damn long of a hiatus????

In the fashion of Desi and Lucy…oh Lee Lee, you have some explaining to do…right???? LOL

The last six weeks have been a bit stressful…between back to school, a root canal plus  a tooth infection, seriously low Vitamin D levels (I’m on a prescription now…it’s that low), and a bizarre car accident ( I wrecked the door to my car…nobody was injured…I had a brain disconnect…super scary…basically drove my car into a pole I couldn’t see…yeah dumb ass move)…and on and on.  Did I say that the last six weeks have been stressful?

So that’s the cause of the long hiatus! During those 6 weeks however, I took some time to reflect, spent time with family, and tried to grasp the success of the past year.  I actually did some work with regards to Lee Lee’s Room…obviously not in the form of writing though.  Instead I did what I call necessary “behind the scenes” work (business planning and housekeeping).  In the end, the break was completely necessary and positive.  I’m finally coming to terms with it and embracing it.  My friend Donna accurately assessed my mental block, feelings, anxiety, and emotions with this quote,

“You need to breakdown before you can break through.”

She’s so spot on accurate! I broke down…I had to…something had to give…  I can’t believe Lee Lee’s Room celebrated it’s 1st Birthday! BRAVO! What a ride it’s been. The success I’ve enjoyed with Lee Lee’s Room since it’s launch back in August of 2012 has  surpassed my expectations….a website following, a role in “Springsteen & I”, and a ton of local press. As I reflect, I’m overjoyed yet understand why I felt overwhelmed.

Today- Bruce’s Birthday is the ideal day to so-call “re-launch”. I’ve set new goals for the year ahead and I’m ready to focus once again. Or as my BFF Cheryl bluntly puts it…Jersey Up Bitch!

So Surprise Surprise…it’s okay to admit…everyone breaks down…everyone needs a break! including me….I broke down alright!!!! but now… FINALLY…. I’m starting to break through!!!! AND….JERSEY UP!!!


We’ll raise a glass or two

A toast to Bruce

A toast to Bruce

It’s become a tradition with my Bruce Buddy Debbie…lunch and a glass or two in honor of Bruce on his Birthday….hmmmm…we invite him every year but I guess he’s always too busy!!!! LMAO







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