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Life & Lyrics- “Souls of the Departed”

Published on June 25, 2013, by in LeeLee Blogs.

This is a prayer for the souls of the departed
Young lives over before they got started

Souls of the Departed
Bruce Springsteen

I walked into a church this morning with my three sons and prayed

for the souls of the departed.

One soul in particular. A six month old baby.  As we approached the altar, we knelt down near candles and a statue of the Blessed Mother holding the infant Jesus.  I told the boys to pray to the newest angel in Heaven.

Baby Angels

Baby Angels

This is a prayer for the souls of the departed
Young lives over before they got started

While I prayed standing behind my children, my thoughts and visions didn’t exactly match up to the actual scene before me.  Instead of seeing a 12, 11, and 8 year old kneeling in prayer, the vision was quite different.  I saw my sons as babies again.  Innocent, adorable, and precious babies.  That’s when the tears started flowing.

There’s nothing worse than hearing about the death of a baby.  And when it hits close to home, it’s even more tragic and senseless.  Unfortunately, my Dad shared the terrible news with me yesterday morning.  Close family friends lost their baby over the weekend. The terrible news sent me into shock and grief.  I couldn’t get the baby and friends off of my mind.  Not one hour went by without the thought of

Young lives over before they got started.

I tried to carry on with my day as best I could but I felt so distraught.  The news was just heartbreaking.

My anxiety is through the roof as I prepare for the memorial service.  Of course, I want to be there to show my sympathy and support but I’m having such a difficult time processing this loss.  It just seems so unfair.  Babies aren’t supposed to die!  I’m so angry.  Why must my friends have to endure such pain and grief?  It’s just too overwhelming.  I can only hope and pray that with time they will heal.  Hopefully, they will turn to counselors, support groups, or maybe spiritual leaders for comfort.

This loss…this horrid event is yet another wake up call.   I know I need to chill and enjoy every moment…especially with my boys.  Getting mad about a messy playroom or holding a grudge is so not worth it! In the big picture, that’s all silliness and stupidity.  I need to look at life through a different lens… from a different perspective. And in the meantime, may we all offer

a prayer for the souls of the departed
Young lives over before they got started

Rest in Peace God’s New Angel



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