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Life & Lyrics- “Rosalita (Come out tonight)”

Published on February 26, 2013, by in LeeLee Blogs.

Mama she’s home in the window waiting up for us 

So Rosie Come out tonight 

Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny

Rosalita (Come out tonight)

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

So Rosie Come out tonight…


A slight edit is necessary….So Lee Lee Come out tonight.  Out with Vince, Anthony, and Henry that is.  My three boys.  Not the three who call me Mommy right now, but the three I’ve known since 1977.

The cherished memories go back.  Way back.  All the way to Kindergarten as a matter of fact. We grew up together in Fort Lee, New Jersey.  I attended nine years of Catholic School with Vince, Anthony, and Henry.  We experienced numerous class trips, field days, and First Friday Masses.  They were Altar Boys and I was a Lector. Choir, Bowling, CYO dances, an annual Carnival, First Confession, First Communion, and Confirmation…the list goes on and on.  These events certainly created the solid foundation for our special bond. It’s still very strong today.  The friendship is 36 years old and counting. We’re all married now with children. We still get together and have the best time. Kids and spouses included of course!  It’s wild and chaotic. Reservations for 17 please…  8 Adults, 9 children. (It’ll be 10 children this coming June…Vince’s wife is expecting baby #2).

So Rosie Come out tonight…

LeeLee & the boys December 1996

LeeLee & the boys
December 1996

In our late 20s, we went out alright!  By the mid 90s, the grade school, high school, and college years had come and gone.  We wanted to have fun.  It wasn’t always all about partying though.  We did mature into responsible 20somethings with jobs.  Yes, actual jobs right out of college! Imagine that nowadays!?!?! It was work, work, and more work during the week but weekends meant a few drinks and a few laughs.  Weekends?  Ha! Not exactly!!! Not all of the time anyway.  Let me explain…

So Rosie come out tonight…

In 1996, I worked the overnight shift at Television Network.  As if the overnight shift wasn’t bad enough, I worked overnights for one year and on the weekends. UGH! Yes, Friday and Saturday night.  I reported to the newsroom at 2am and left at 11am. I don’t miss those days.  My sleep schedule and social life was a disaster!  So Lee Lee come out tonight…meant come out on Wednesday and Thursday nights.

My boys didn’t disappoint.  We went out! They deserve a million thanks!  After all, they had to report to work the next morning while I had the luxury of sleeping! I still feel terrible about dragging them out. Well, I never really had to drag them or twist their arm. Whenever I asked, they were all in!  Loyalty prevailed no doubt! But I still feel bad…a little. A rough morning with your head spinning is a pain in the ass! After knowing each other for so long, we were honorary siblings and genuine friends who would do anything for each other…. even if it meant reporting for work with an excruciating headache and lack of sleep.

So Rosie come out tonight

Lee Lee and the boys went out on several Wednesday and Thursday nights to our favorite place- The Fort Lee Saloon.  My three boys always played the protective brother role.  I loved it!  They definitely made me feel like a spoiled Princess.  They were always so generous too.  I don’t remember ever paying for anything…a drink, a cover charge, or a meal.  They had me covered.

LeeLee with Henry, Vince, & Anthony  June 1997

LeeLee with Henry, Vince, & Anthony
June 1997

Saloon nights usually started around 8pm.  We’d reminisce, secretly make fun of people sitting at the bar, play pool, dance around and sing….Bruce tunes.  A guaranteed selection from the Jukebox was Rosalita (Come out tonight).  The song was just about as old as us but we loved the Springsteen classic.

Mama she’s home in the window waiting up for us…

We’d often close down the Saloon and move further on down the road to the Plaza Diner…usually around 2am.  I always ordered the same thing every single time. Cheese fries and a salad.  Vince, Anthony, and Henry thoroughly enjoyed teasing me about my bizarre food selections.  To be healthy or not healthy, that is the question.

Since the late 90s were the “Stone Ages” in technological terms, we didn’t have cell phones. And thank GOD we didn’t. I’m certain that my Mom would’ve been calling and texting me constantly.  Without a doubt the text messages would’ve read something like this…

Lee, get your ass home NOW!

Instead of a text, my mom was truly

home in the window waiting up

for me.

When I walked through the door, I’d often get a glare but she knew that I was in good company with my boys/honorary siblings.

Now that I’m a mother, I totally understand the concern, the glare and the

Mama she’s home in the window waiting up for us…

I can already envision the nasty looks I’ll give my 3 boys…Thomas, Anthony, and Vincent.  Those days are just around the corner, I’m afraid to admit.

My sons’ names by the way are all family names. My father’s name is Vincent, my husband and father in law are both Thomas, and my maternal grandfather was Anthony.  So sorry Henry! Neither side of the family had a Henry in the family tree.  That would have been hilarious and an incredible coincidence. I could’ve joked around and told everyone that I named my sons after my childhood friends.

Mama she’s home in the window waiting up for us…

I’m grateful for my Mom’s love, concern, and being home in the window waiting up for me.  Seriously, she really did!

I’m grateful for my boys…Vince, Anthony, and Henry.  Love you guys and thanks for the wonderful friendship!

Vince's Wedding May 2007

Vince’s Wedding
May 2007

Looking back, Rosalita was our favorite tune at the Saloon for a reason…

Someday we’ll look back on this and it will all seem funny



2 Responses

  1. Julia

    Very sweet – that one hit close to home…made me think of friends I haven’t seen in a while…and yes, my mother waited up for me too! I wouldn’t get a glare though..I’d get a big sigh and told the number of ambulances she had counted that night! LOL!

  2. Cheryl

    LMAO that was greattttt… As I was not as fortunate enough to continue my HS years with you all..”God must have known.. TROUBLE” My ten years of fond memories going through K-9th can’t agree with you more Lee… that you couldn’t have been with better friends. I often repeat to my boys the stories about those 3 amigos (lol)that they always allowed me to be a part of like basketball, stick ball and just plain hanging.. My 3 boys think its hysterical that Pic was the one who showed me how to shoot a basketball. So you hung with the boys ma? Of course I said!! I like to think of it as part of the crew not one of the boys! You have a wonderful extended family with those 3.. Cherish the past memories and may you all make many more with your families now. Love ya all and thank you also for all my wonderful & funny memories/stories we all created at some point or another together!!!!! Cheryl