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Life & Lyrics- “My Lucky Day”

Published on July 16, 2013, by in LeeLee Blogs.

On a day when chance is all


My Lucky Day

Bruce Springsteen


A chance.  That’s all I needed.  And I received it via twitter. 

The tweet …from Bruce’s official feed… was a call out. A call out to Bruce fans worldwide…to create a film.  A chance to be part of an upcoming documentary titled “Springsteen and I”.  Ridley Scott Associates in London launched the search. WOW and OMG!


On a day when chance is all


I couldn’t wait to reveal on film why I’m obsessed with Bruce…why his music moves me. With lights beaming and cameras rolling…it was time for Action!


Fast forward to May and My Lucky Day.

LeeLee with the producer...LeeLee with her biggest supporter- Tom

with the producer…& with my biggest supporter- Tom


This time it was not a tweet but good old fashioned email…an email from the producer of the film…. with news that I made the cut.  Delighted and overjoyed, my insanity for Bruce…34 years strong… has been validated.  Forever and for always, I will be linked to a documentary about Springsteen fans.  I’m in the film for a brief shining moment but I’m in the film.  It’s an incredible feeling and an accomplishment!

On E Street Radio with Jim Rotolo

On E Street Radio with Jim Rotolo


Another incredible feeling…the VIP screening in New York City with the Director and Producer of the film hosted by E Street Radio.  I was in heaven. I met fellow cast members and I did my share of press.  What a treat to be on E Street Radio with host Jim Rotolo, what a treat to get interviewed by TV Stations covering the event, and what a treat to be part of a panel discussion about the film…all streaming live on rolling stone.com


With my parents, BFF, & the producer

With my parents, BFF, & the producer

The best part of it all was sharing the amazing accomplishment and evening with my husband, parents, and best friend.  I can’t wait to take my 3 sons to my local theater next week.  It’s going to be quite hilarious when their mom pops up on the big screen. I just love that I can add another title to my resume…pseudo Movie Star. LOL






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