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Life & Lyrics- “Land of Hope and Dreams”

Published on December 11, 2012, by in LeeLee Blogs.

This is for my Bruce Buddy… Debbi

Well you don’t know where you’re going now

But you know you won’t be back

Get on board

The Backstory:

99.9% of the time, listening to Bruce Springsteen lifts my spirit. In June of 2011 however, Bruce tunes brought tears to my eyes. That’s because Bruce and the Band along with millions of fans had just lost the Master of Soul- Clarence Clemons. The Big Man passed away on June 18, 2011.  The days following his passing were tough.  Instead of lifting my spirit, listening to Bruce made me realize I was in mourning.  I missed the Big Man so much.

I needed to mourn with someone who could truly understand my sadness.  Unfortunately, my entire group of fellow Bruce fanatics were in Jersey so I was left to mourn alone.  Or so I thought.

Two days after the Big Man’s death, I tried to move on with my normal routine.  I had no choice.  I’m a busy mom of 3 boys with a million things to do all the time. While driving to an appointment at my local health and wellness center, I cranked up a Springsteen CD in my car. Despite the fabulous music, I was still in a bit of a funk.  When my nutritionist greeted me in the waiting area, the scene was something like this:

Joan: Hey Lee. What’s going on honey?

LeeLee: Ugh! I’m miserable. Clarence Clemons died.

Joan: Oh God! You need to meet my friend Debbi.  I had to meet her out for a drink after she heard about Clarence.  She was a mess.

LeeLee: You don’t understand.  This is a devastating loss.

Joan: You sound just like her!  I’m calling her right now.  The two of you need to meet each other.

That evening…

I’m having dinner with my husband and the phone rings.  Good-bye to a rare one on one dinner conversation with Tom and Hello Debbi!  Our first chat went on for hours.  We swapped Bruce stories and instantly felt a connection.  It’s a Bruce bond.  No need for an explanation.  If you’re a Bruce fanatic, you know exactly what I’m writing about!

A few days later, we finally meet in person and shared more stories about Bruce along with bragging rights. (Photos)
Debbi has loved Bruce since her first concert in 1975 at Rhode Island College.

Fast forward to 2012.  This past April, Debbi and I experienced the “pit” together in the swamps of Jersey. Wow! What an amazing concert! We loved waiting ALL day in the Meadowlands for wristbands. We were nervous wrecks…praying and hoping our wristband numbers would be called…complete insanity!  We were beyond thrilled when all the stars aligned in our favor.  Debbi and I were part of the select few who hugged the stage for the entire duration of the concert.  It turned out to be one of the best Bruce concerts ever for me! OMG…he played Candy’s Room.  I rest my case.

Debbi and I totally understand each other.  It’s a Bruce Bond.  Few words (if any) need to be spoken when it comes to our love for Bruce Springsteen.

Debbi is so beautiful…on the outside and in. She has a great husband and three grown children.  She is just gorgeous and seriously looks like she’s maybe 30 years old.  She credits her great appearance and attitude to Bruce.

When my parents first met her, they were enamored and instantly adored her. She quickly offered her secret for happiness. What is it? You guessed it! Debbi claims she looks and feels great because of Bruce! She’s right.  Bruce’s music certainly has a way of making you feel alive and well.  It can energize and motivate you to take care of yourself mentally and physically.  Debbi is a wonderful friend and an inspiration.

From the start she was extremely supportive of my website, LeeLee’s Room.  She loved the idea.  Since the launch of my website, I’ve been begging her to find a song that touched her in a special way.  I needed to share her story.

After seeing Bruce in Hartford, Connecticut in October, Debbi emailed me and told me that she found the perfect song.  Land of Hope and Dreams.  She admitted crying while Bruce played the song.  At that concert it all suddenly hit her.  Land of Hope and Dreams is how she looks at and understands her life and purpose.

The lyrics in Land of Hope and Dreams are a perfect link to Debbi’s so-called epiphany.

Well you don’t know where you’re going now

But you know you won’t be back

Debbi believes life is about looking back and realizing that no matter what happens, God is always with you. She also feels that through every experience there’s a lesson and opportunity to grow.

Get on board

Debbi loves Bruce’s message in the song.  She considers the message to be one of hope, faith, and moving forward. She believes Bruce is telling her to “Get on Board” and experience something new.  Bruce is telling her that there’s always another chance in life.  Debbi embraces her past and how she has evolved. She loves the growing process in life.  She feels life is a journey.  Bruce is obviously part of her journey.  His music and lyrics have always been along for the ride.

You won’t be back  

Everyone makes mistakes, right? Debbi accepts her mistakes and recognizes that they have made her stronger.  Whenever she hears Bruce sing, You know you won’t be back, she ties the lyric to her past.  She can comfortably reflect back on her past but she knows she’s not the same person and she’s not going back to that place. She’s learned from it.  She has survived and endured certain experiences but has moved on because of her faith.

Debbi believes that even though life brings about change on so many levels and even makes you question why did I?… there’s always a purpose and the opportunity for a new beginning.  Debbi’s life truly has been a journey through the Land of Hope and Dreams.  Her faith in God, love for her husband and children, and love for Bruce’s music inspires her to carry on and fills her with enormous hope.

Debbi is certain that God and Bruce’s music is delivering a personal message to her. The message is simple. She knows that there’s still time for her on the journey of life.  There’ s still time to love, learn, live, change, and grow.

Debbi has always been ready to take that ride and see things in a different perspective.  She is always looking to see the good no matter what obstacle arises.

My amazing Bruce Buddy Debbi ended our conversation about Land of Hope and Dreams in this way and I must quote her:

“Bruce is singing to me and God is saying to me…get on the train, have faith, and get to that next destination.”

Debbi with her hubby at a Bruce show

You rock Debbi!









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