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Life & Lyrics- “Kitty’s Back”

Published on September 18, 2012, by in LeeLee Blogs.

“Kitty’s back in town”

Kitty’s Back

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

October 9, 2009

Friday night.  We were driving along 95 South.  It’s  another road trip bound for New Jersey for yet another visit with my family.  The boys were exhausted but thankfully behaving in the back of the Chevy Tahoe.  In the front of the vehicle, the scene was a little different.  I wasn’t behaving.  Actually, I was acting like a brat.  The only good thing was the fact that E Street Radio was cranked up with a live broadcast from the Meadowlands.


“I can’t believe you didn’t get tickets to this concert.”


“You cannot be serious.  I asked you if you wanted to go and you said, NO.”


“Obviously, I wasn’t thinking.  You should’ve bought tickets anyway.  It’s the last show ever at Giants Stadium and it’s Bruce.  I mean really! I should be there.”


“ Can I remind you that you thought it would be too difficult with the boy’s school and football schedules to get down to New Jersey and pull it off?”


“Well I was wrong.  We’re driving down to Jersey now, aren’t we? Ugh!  I can’t believe that I’m going to be just minutes from that stadium and not at the show.  This is a nightmare.  I’m a Jersey Girl.  I should be there.  I’ve worshiped Bruce and the E Street Band my entire life.”


“Fine! Let’s drop the kids off and just go to the stadium and see what we can do.”


“Oh, right.  No tickets and somehow we’re going snap our fingers and just get into the concert. Ha!  I can’t believe this. I’m so pissed off.  This is awful.”


“Hey, we didn’t know that our plans would change and we’d be going to Jersey for the weekend.”


“Just stop.  I’m done.  I can’t deal.”


There was silence for the rest of the ride.   We arrive at my parent’s house and it was very quick hugs and hellos to the family.  Tom had a mission and a master plan.


“Get in the car now. Let’s go!”


Looking at him as if he was completely mad and insane, I started laughing.


“ Are you out of your mind?  We can’t show up there without tickets!”


“ Just get in the car.  We’re wasting time.”


At this point, the only thing I could do was just laugh.  My husband was amazing for even wanting to try to get into the concert.  I am a very lucky girl.  Another guy might have told me to take my Jersey attitude and Bruce obsession and shove it up my ass.  Tom is a gem of a guy.


Now back to the madness of this story.  We drive to Giants Stadium in less than fifteen minutes.  The concert is already underway.  Now, the real challenge begins.  How on earth are we going to get tickets?  We walked around the entire stadium.  I could hear the band so I was content.  Well, honestly I was somewhat content.  I couldn’t find anyone trying to sell tickets.  Damn!  Now what?

I went up to every single security guard at every single gate and shamelessly begged.


“Excuse me, is there a way to buy tickets?”

Guard 1

“Sorry.  If you don’t have a ticket, you’re not getting in.”


It was the same story at the first three gates.  Then at entrance number four, my guardian angel was waiting and the gates opened.



“Sir.  We just drove down from Rhode Island.  And well, (the tears started), please sir, can you just let us in.  Please.  I need to be in there.  I grew up just miles from here.  I’m from Jersey.  I love Bruce! Please!”

The Swamps of Jersey-2009
Giants Stadium
MetLife Stadium under construction

Guard 2

“Go in.  If anybody asks you for your tickets, just tell them your friend’s have them back at your seats.  Get in and enjoy the rest of the show.”


I was in a complete state of shock.  Oh my God! I’m beyond ecstatic.  I can’t believe I just convinced a security guard to let us in.  Bruce was singing Kitty’s Back.  Instead of Kitty’s Back, the thought in my head was… Lisa’s Back.  Oh yeah, Bruce is singing to me.  I’m back in town and I’m definitely where I belong.  Yahooooo!

My heart was racing.  I’m wondering how the heck are we going to sneak into a section?  How are we going to get passed another security guard?  I just kept walking.  I felt like Dory in “Finding Nemo.”  Rather than just keep swimming, it was just keep walking.

There was a security guard at every section.  Oh no! We were in but we really weren’t in.  To kick up my stress level just a little bit more, Tom and I approach what looked like every single New Jersey Trooper on the state’s payroll. It was in- your- face law enforcement.  Why were so many state troopers mingling about?  Now I’m freaking out and thinking Tom and I are going to get arrested.  We don’t have tickets.  We probably look guilty.  Is my Father going to have to bail us out of jail in East Rutherford?

Meanwhile, the background noise is still “Kitty’s back in town.”  I start to focus on what I’m hearing.  After all, Bruce’s music calms me down.  I start telling myself, “it’s okay, you’ll be fine, just keep walking, just walk into a section as if you’ve been at the concert all night.  Act it out.  Sing along to Kitty’s Back and think positive.”  Breathe in.  Breathe out.  Thank you God, we escape the troopers without getting handcuffs put on us.

Just keep walking.  Just keep walking. By now, we’re on the top level of Giants Stadium.  So who cares that the stage seems miles away?  I definitely don’t. My night has been great and it’s about to get even better! I notice an opening in the 300s section without a security guard.  We go for it! Amen!  We’re really in.  I see the stage in the distance and I kid you not, Bruce is still singing Kitty’s Back.  The song went on forever. How perfect.  It’s official.  Lisa’s back in town.

Just a few hours ago, I was bitching to my husband while we were driving on 95 South.  Wow!  What a night and what an amazing experience.  I was truly “back in town.”  I believe some things in life are meant to be.  I may not have been at the concert for the entire show but I was there!  As a die hard Bruce fan, I’m proud that I had the nerve to shamelessly convince my way into a concert and got away with it.  More importantly, I am so happy that I was part of history.  There’s no better act than Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band to write the chapter of Giants Stadium and its final concert.

Bruce is the Boss.  Period.  No wrecking ball in the swamps of Jersey until the Boss sings!!!!!!!!!!!!!










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  1. Jodi

    You have a knack…. quite amazing what one can do with enough motivation and a devoted husband. You go girl! (smile)

  2. Julia

    Fascinating story!