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Life & Lyrics- “Jack of all Trades”

Published on November 20, 2012, by in LeeLee Blogs.

I’ll hammer the nails

I’ll set the stone

It’s all happened before and it’ll happen again

If I had me a gun

I’d find the bastards and shoot ‘em on sight

I’m a jack of all trades

We’ll be all right


Jack of All Trades

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band

My Dad is an amazing person.  He’ll always be my first love and I’m crazy about him.  We share similar personalities and get along incredibly well.

His core values are definitely worth trying to emulate.  My Dad is old school.  He’s a man of his word and has so much compassion for others.  He isn’t judgmental and always looks for the good in people.  He can talk to anybody.  If you’re lucky enough to be friends with him, he’ll do anything for you.  He goes above and beyond and gives 110 percent.  He embraces his customers as if they were family members and makes them feel so important.  My dad grew up when a handshake actually meant something.  He’s a man of loyalty, trust, and respect.

My favorite photo of my Dad

If I had to find a negative characteristic, it’s the fact that my Dad always wants to please people and make them happy.  He’s too accommodating.  Unfortunately, this leads to enabling others to take advantage of him.

By trade, my Dad is a mason.  He’s worked in the construction industry ever since he left high school at the age of 16.  He can do anything pertaining to building a home.  He’s a quick study and truly a Jack of All Trades.

“I’ll hammer the nails, I’ll set the stone”

In recent years, he’s built or renovated three homes.  But there’s been a black cloud over his building projects.  His long hours of sweat and hard work may have resulted in well-built and beautiful masterpieces for his customers, but as for his compensation, the result was more of a tragedy.

Since my Dad never puts himself first, he told his customers to pay his sub-contractors first.  When the job was complete, that’s when he expected his fee for supervision and coordination services.

         “It’s all happened before and it’ll happen again”

         Three of my father’s customers screwed him over.  Whether just a partial payment or no payment at all, he was screwed over.  The excuse?  They ran out of money or their businesses went downhill.  To watch my father get abused and taken advantage of more than once was completely devastating and infuriating.  I was so livid.

“If I had me a gun, I’d find the bastards and shoot ‘em on sight”

My dad was extremely hurt, betrayed, and frustrated.  Bruce’s lyrics sum up his disgust and feelings so perfectly.  If shooting someone wasn’t against the law and against my dad’s religious beliefs, he might consider finding the bastards and shooting them on sight.

“I’m a jack of all trades, we’ll be all right”

We’re definitely all right.  In the big picture, it’s only money.  The important things in life are family, friends, and good health.  It’s more a matter of principle.  People should pay their bills and act responsibly.  If you hire someone, you should pay for the services.

My dad is all right.  He’s a Jack of all trades.  He can do anything and weather any storm.  He didn’t do anything wrong except give too much of himself and put too much trust in his customers.  In the end, he can hold his head up high.  The customers are the bastards.  My dad is a very talented builder.  More importantly, he’s a great man with a moral conscience.

The Distinguished Gentleman
My “Jack of all Trades”

As his daughter, I despise the customers who screwed him over.  I’m certain that someday it’ll all really be all right.  I believe in karma and payback is a BITCH.  Those three customers will get what’s coming to them! I WILL MAKE SURE OF THAT!!!




5 Responses

  1. Cathy

    Lee Lee-
    Finally got to read this. Beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes. Love you both so very much!

  2. Regina / "Grandma"


    What a wonderful tribute to your father! We also feel blessed to know your father, and share the love of your family! Russ and I agree with you…. if it were legal, we would join together and get retribution for the “evil” done to your dad by those ungrateful customers!! But, despite it all, your dad is above it all… he is indeed a “distinguished gentleman”.

    All our love to you and your family!!

  3. Cheryl

    Love… Love this article. Your Dad is an amazing man. From the time I was a little girl I knew that. I could feel the love, kindness and compassion he put forth to everyone. You stepped into your house and you were “LA FAMILIA” I was fortunate enough to know your family & father “VERY” well. As I spent a lot of time growing up in your house. Your fathers wise words still ring in my memory. His protective nature and love was felt every moment even in those years that went missing. He truly will prevail in all because he stands true to who he is. I wouldn’t change a thing about him regardless of the outcomes he has endured. He and your family will always be in my heart and to me “mia familia”. You are a lucky girl my BFF but I am not telling you anything you do not already know. XO

  4. Lori Sgro Lofaro

    I love this! & I love your dad! Everyone who knows him knows that… I totally agree Karma is a bitch, and no matter how long it takes, it will ALWAYS bring justice, one way or another!! It’s a beautiful thing that you wrote about him with so much love and respect. I applaud you for that!
    Much Love, XO

  5. donnie belgiovine

    I could have not put it any better!! He is the amazing person you described..I really loved this! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!