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Life & Lyrics- “Glory Days”

Published on February 5, 2013, by in LeeLee Blogs.

Glory Days, yeah they’ll pass you by

Glory Days

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band


I share a mutual obsession with a childhood friend.  Surprise, surprise…it’s a love for the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band.  Anthony is one of my original Bruce Buddies.  Our friendship is 35 years strong and our love for all things Springsteen is just as old and just as strong.

We both grew up in Fort Lee, New Jersey and have known each other since Kindergarten.  We spent every moment of grade school together…hundreds and hundreds of school days from Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Glory days, yeah they’ll pass you by…

Although we attended different high schools and colleges, we always remained close friends and socialized in the same circles.  In our early 20s, we frequented the same local hangouts.  One of our trademark moves was taking over the jukebox.  Of course, we only selected Springsteen and usually entire albums at a time. Occasionally, this control of the music selection pissed people off.  Did we care? Hell no! Our attitude? If you don’t want to listen to the Boss, then don’t let the door kick you in the ass!  Leave and find another place to chill.

We always needed our Bruce fix.  Our weekends were often planned around the schedule of our favorite Springsteen tribute band- The B Street Band.  Whether the band was playing in Northern Jersey or down the shore, Anthony and I were front and center.  The soundtrack to our lives will always be defined by the music of Bruce Springsteen.

Nowadays, we enjoy comparing notes about Bruce concerts.  But we especially love sharing stories about how we passed our love of all things Springsteen down to our children.  And I don’t think it’s coincidental that we both have children learning how to play the saxophone! The Clarence Clemons factor hit our homes too!

My all time favorite Bruce moment with Anthony took place on his wedding day.  It was a fabulous September day back in 1999.  He married his beautiful high school sweetheart Tara.  Bless her for tolerating our Bruce obsession!


During Tara and Anthony’s reception, the band started jamming and playing Glory Days.   Anthony and I along with Vince and Henry (our other childhood friends since Kindergarten) started screaming.  Well, maybe I was the only one screaming but trust me… Anthony, Vince, and Henry were excited too!  The tune defined us.  We were living out one of our Glory Days at that very moment and remembering the old times too.  It was an incredible feeling.


The experience was over the top and about to get even better.  The band turned the microphone over to Anthony.  He took over on lead vocals and started channeling Bruce! He was amazing and rocked it!  I will never forget that moment.  Without a doubt, it’s one of our Glory Days. Who wouldn’t want to sing Glory Days for all of their guests on their wedding day? It was special.


Tara and Anthony recently mentioned one of their family’s new traditions. It’s precious and forever linked to the Glory Days moment on their wedding day.  Every year on their wedding anniversary, they share the famous Glory Days jam with their 3 daughters.  Thank God it was captured on video! It’s a classic.

Glory Days, yeah they’ll pass you by.

I’m so happy to share a Bruce obsession and lifelong friendship with Anthony.  It’s a bond that will never be broken! Love you Anthony!  BRUUUUUUUUUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!








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