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Life & Lyrics-”From Small Things, Big Things One Day Come”

Published on July 1, 2013, by in LeeLee Blogs.

From small things, mama
Big things one day come

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band

I’m enjoying an emotional high.  Just this morning, I had a wonderful conversation with a movie producer in London and a publicist in Los Angeles.  Hold on, I just re-read that sentence! It sounds so obnoxious! My apologies! Please believe me…I’m trying to deliver this amazing news in the most humble way possible.  I’m so overwhelmed and excited!  But seriously, I really did chat with a movie producer and publicist today! OMG!

All this insanity and fun because of the upcoming movie by Ridley Scott Associates, titled “Springsteen and I”.  It’s a film about Bruce Springsteen and his fans. It’s due out this month and well, I’m in it! I’m still in denial (sometimes). It’s so hard to process and believe (sometimes). What I’m certain of and absolutely believe now (all the time) is that…

"Springsteen and I"

“Springsteen and I”

From small things, big things one day come.

The one day is here and now. I’m what some call a “super fan” and this so-called “super fan” is out of control happy. Wow! I’ve known for over a month that I made the cut…but today, after those phone calls….it’s feeling so fabulous and real.  I’ve been invited to a special screening with the Director of the film AND I’ve been asked to chat about my experience with the press! OMG! OMG!  I don’t care if I’m only in the film for a few minutes ( I won’t know until I see the movie with the VIP’s).  I’m in it and that’s all that matters! Plus my role validates my obsession for all things Springsteen!
From small things, big things one day come.

Those lyrics accurately describe my Springsteen obsession.  It started as a small thing.  And I was small too. 7 years old as a matter of fact.  A little girl from Fort Lee, New Jersey just listening and loving Bruce tunes. Truth be told, I was under the influence of a friend’s older siblings.  They really deserve the credit.

Big things one day come

My obsession has definitely evolved over the years…into something big.  It’s grown stronger and deeper with each new album and every new concert experience. I just can’t believe my obsession has turned into something this big. I can’t wait to attend the screening in New York City next week. I can’t wait to meet the Director and Producer! I’m so grateful for this entire experience. And once again, the only Boss I’ll ever listen to is right…

From small things, Big things one day come

Thank you Bruce! It’s all because of your incredible music and storytelling!



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