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Life & Lyrics- “Follow That Dream”

Published on June 11, 2013, by in LeeLee Blogs.


Now every man has the right to live
The right to a chance, to give what he has to give

The right to fight for the things he believes
For the things that come to him in dreams
yeah, follow that dream wherever it may lead

Elvis Presley

It’s extremely hard to emulate the King of Rock and Roll.  So I have enormous respect for anyone who’s brave enough to even try.  Not surprisingly,  my hero from Freehold…the Boss,  otherwise known as Bruce Springsteen,  does an incredible cover of Elvis Presley’s Follow that Dream.  Bruce is most definitely brave enough and talented enough to emulate the King.

Every single time I hear Follow that Dream on E Street Radio, I think of Bruce channeling Elvis…then I focus on the lyrics and the message unfolding. Since I’m all about Life and Lyrics, I pay close attention to every single word and try to relate the message to my life.

Now every man has the right to live
The right to a chance, to give what he has to give

The right to fight for the things he believes
For the things that come to him in dreams
yeah, follow that dream wherever it may lead

It’s a known fact that I’m always trying to emulate Bruce’s storytelling.  It’s an even better known fact that Bruce Springsteen has been an Elvis fan since his childhood.  Some King/Boss facts worth mentioning: after seeing Elvis Presley perform on the Ed Sullivan Show, Bruce asked his Mom to buy him a guitar. During the Born to Run photo shoot,  Bruce wore an Elvis fan club button on his guitar strap.  After appearing on both the covers of Time and Newsweek Magazines in the mid 70s, Bruce had enough nerve to jump the fence at Graceland.  He was looking for Elvis. The King was in Nevada and security kindly asked Bruce to leave the property.

I’m following Bruce’s lead.  Bruce was looking for Elvis, I’m looking for Bruce.  I’m a certifiable fan but I will never trespass on the Springsteen property.  So in the meantime,  I’ll continue to channel Bruce while listening to Elvis’ message….

Now every man has the right to live
The right to a chance, to give what he has to give

The right to fight for the things he believes
For the things that come to him in dreams
yeah, follow that dream wherever it may lead

The message is…Follow that dream… The dream has always been to write and tell stories.  Lee Lee’s Room is leading me to that place.

As soon as I made the executive decision to launch Lee Lee’s Room, I quickly realized that I needed to hire a creative web designer and photographer. Two critical components.  But I needed more than just a talented designer and photographer. I needed someone who would truly understand my dreams and visions.  As always, I turned to my friend and mentor, Betty-Jo, for insight and guidance.  Not surprisingly, she immediately had an answer for me.  The only issue at hand was… whether or not the person she had in mind for the job would have the time and more importantly, even want the gig?

Enter John…

John spent several years in video and film production and had a natural talent with regards to still photography.  Thankfully, he agreed to meet with me. Though I must admit, he was a really really really tough sell. He instantly put me in the hot seat.  He told me that I had to sell him on my idea in just 30 seconds.  The classic elevator pitch.  UGH! PRESSURE! So, I let my brain kick into gear and let my passion take over my thoughts.  Boom! I delivered 30 seconds of fireworks.  The elevator pitch went something like this…

“Music has the power to heal you, the power to deliver you. I need to combine my passion for writing with my passion for the music of Bruce Springsteen. His music inspires me. If I combine both, I’ll achieve creative bliss.  I’m all about telling life stories.  I want to use lyrics to ignite those stories. To use a line from Born to Run...I’m gonna get to that place….Lee Lee’s Room will get me there!”

I pitched Lee Lee’s Room in under 30 seconds. Thank you very much! Yes, it was literally the classic elevator pitch! He told me to sell him on my idea in 30 seconds and I delivered!  Amen… John smiled….and  he was in for the ride.  WOOHOO!

Over numerous cups of coffee that day, we tossed around a bunch of ideas. Our creative minds were in sync. By the end of our meeting, I knew this journey was going to be a fascinating one.  John wrapped up with a homework assignment.  He asked me to put together my stream of consciousness.  Just random thoughts. He wanted to know why I needed to embark on this journey.  I had never done a stream of consciousness before so I was up for the challenge.

Here’s what I emailed to John:

Lee Lee’s Room


It’s therapeutic…it’s my yoga…it calms me down.

I have a deep appreciation for Bruce’s talent.

I feel a connection to his storytelling.

I want to channel his talent as a storyteller.

My ambition, drive, and desire is to write.

I’m Jersey Proud and Jersey Strong.

Bruce’s lyrics have helped me through serious lows and serious highs.

I’m obsessed…I really only want to listen to Bruce all the time.

His music is an escape.

It’s a peaceful distraction in an otherwise chaotic life.

His music brings a smile to my face.

I want to let the world know that music has the power to heal you, help you, and deliver you.

I found my passion through the interpretation of his lyrics.

I cannot live without Bruce’s music.

It’s truly intertwined in my life.  His music defines part of who I am.

Think Lee Lee….think Bruce Springsteen.

I’m not speaking for Bruce….I’m creating because of Bruce.

The website is a journey….I’m finding myself through his lyrics.

His lyrics have helped me grow up….I’m embracing life and speaking my mind.  I really don’t care who I piss off!


I’m not sure where I’m going on this creative journey but I know his lyrics will get me there….his lyrics are my road map.

Bruce’s gives me hope…faith…he helps me believe in myself.

His music makes me want to dance and sing…happy, positive energy.

He’s an inspiration.

Bruce is genuine.  He’s no bullshit.   That’s how I was raised.  I have no tolerance for fake people or sugarcoating something!

Bruce is real.  He’s someone you can trust.  He’s someone you’d want as a friend.

I want to write….why not write about what I love?  His lyrics relate to so many aspects of my life.

The website is therapy.  I need to incorporate my love of writing with my love of Bruce.

Forget about the rock star….he’s a writer! A great storyteller!


Lee Lee and John

Lee Lee and John

And here’s the beginning of John’s follow up email to me:

“You will succeed at this for sure FOR SURE. This stream of consciousness proves exactly what I suspected…you have a fire for this and all fires like this….fly!  Finding your passion is finding success. I know what you believe in here and I will bring my skills to your passion.”
I will never delete that email! It’s such a motivating tool. Plus, it’s confirmation that I’m not crazy.  There are some people that actually understand and “get” my wackiness!

I’m staying on this wonderful creative journey because I need to
Follow that Dream!  And, thankfully John’s still along for the ride too.  I’m lucky to not only call him my photographer, web designer, and filmmaker but my friend too. Thank you, John!!!

John's Email Response to my Stream of Consciousness

John’s Email Response to my Stream of Consciousness






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