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*Guest Essay-Bruce Rocks Jersey!*

Published on September 24, 2012, by in LeeLee Blogs.

LeeLee’s Room is thrilled to post a “guest” essay by Peter Cary of New Jersey.

Peter couldn’t have picked a better place to experience the Boss for the very first time…the swamps of Jersey and Met Life Stadium!

Here’s Peter’s Review:

Awesome.  They played 3 hours and 45 minutes non-stop, no breaks.  The break for the encore was maybe 30 seconds, they didn’t even leave the stage.  Started at 8:30 pm and said goodnight at 12:15 am.  The guy has unbelievable energy, spirit and exuberance.  And Sunday is his 63rd birthday. Great mix of the new album/release (which I really like) with old.  I actually knew most of the songs.  It is intense to see the massive Jersey crowd – about 60,000 I think – sing some of the songs so intensely, like Hungry Heart, Badlands, Thunder Road, Born To Run, etc.  They had a couple of paths set up out into the crowd, so Bruce could walk out in the crowd singing, stand on small risers out in the crowd singing.  The furthest one must have been maybe 30 yards or so from the stage.  During Hungry Heart he gestured to the crowd that he wanted to go on top of them – body surf – and he did. On his back he continued to sing Hungry Heart while little by little the crowd brought him back to the stage.  It was wild!!  And I don’t know if they did this elsewhere on the tour, but during the encores there was a very moving, very emotional tribute to Clarence Clemons.

The band stopped hard, mid-song at a Clarence part, and a series of photos of Clarence, Clarence with the band, Clarence with Bruce, came up on screens.  The whole place just applauded and cheered, applauded and cheered. It was like a few minutes of a 60,000 person standing ovation and tribute.  Very emotional.  Then the band started back up.

Great night.  I got home around 2:00 am or just after.


Peter- Thanks for sharing! Bravo!


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