LeeLee’s Room

There’s magic that happens when life and lyrics combine.  I’ve felt it.  So have you.  We all feel music. This website is a place where we can feel music together.


LeeLee welcomes you to experience and interpret music along with her.

Music has helped me through serious lows and amazing highs! I’m obsessed with music especially that of Bruce Springsteen. His music has made me confident and strong.  His music makes me want to dance and sing. It brings me to a happy place with positive energy.

Heart & Soul

Lee Lee’s Room is a way of combining my passion for writing with my passion for the music of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band. Bruce’s music defines part of who I am.  It’s truly intertwined in my life.

My blog is a form of therapy.  It’s my outlet.  It’s allowing me to embark on a creative journey.  I’m finding myself through the lyrics and music of Bruce Springsteen.  His work provides the roadmap that I need to follow.  I need to get to that better place and Bruce will lead me there.  I believe his music and lyrics have the power to heal, help, and deliver.

Bruce’s music also has the ability to lift my spirit. It calms me down and brings a smile to my face.  It offers a sense of hope. It’s thanks to his music that I’ve grown up and embraced life.  I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

Blogging because of Bruce

I have a deep appreciation for Bruce’s talent and character.  He’s genuine.  No bullshit!  There’s no doubt he’s an incredible musician but he’s also a writer.  He’s one of the best!  I feel a connection to his lyrics.  I would love to emulate his amazing ability as a storyteller.

Lee Lee’s Room is an interpretative blog.  I’m creating because of Bruce.  He’s my inspiration. It’s a heartfelt and emotional log. I’m using social media to tell my story and react to the stories of the day.  The blog is open to others.  Storytellers are always welcome into Lee Lee’s Room.  After all, everyone has a story.


A million thanks to my family and friends.  The dream became a reality because of your love and support.
Thank you Betty-Jo for telling me, “You must do this!”
Thank you Dana for your superb design talent & patience.
Thank you John for your creativity and amazing camera lens.
Thank you Lee…it’s all about the hair!
Thank you Terry for the gorgeous car.  She’s a beauty!
Thank you Barbara for letting me use your fabulous home.
Thank you Joann for the rockin’ Greenwich Hotel & Bar.
AND Thank you Tom, Thomas, Anthony, Vincent,
Mom, Dad, Nonna, and Cheryl for helping me get to my new destination
Lee Lee’s Room.


51 Responses

  1. Luanne Quarato

    You are so talented!! I am enjoying your blog so much! It touches my heart! Go Lisa!!
    Your “Barese” Jersey Girl, Luanne

  2. jodi

    Truly amazing! So happy you are following your heart. God bless you my friend!

  3. theresa martin

    Hey GF,
    From NYC to RI – I am so glad we met – I love your writings….I thought I was the only one crazed about Bruce out there……we are sane (to each other) – too funny! I want you and your family over for dinner and drinks – you bring the popcorn…..LOL

    Connect with me when you can – such an awesome experience – and we must blow it up on 22-July!!

    Mama Martin & Dominic……

  4. Lindsay Iadeluca

    Hey Lisa!
    Love the website!! Keep up the fabulous work :)I will definitely be checking back.

    Lindsay Iadeluca

  5. Anthony

    Like your website mom

  6. Joanne Carlino

    Congratulations on inspiring us all! Your thoughts make me laugh, smile and think on so many different levels. I hope Bruce has the honor of reading this from his favorite Jersey girl fan!

  7. Matt Goldreich

    Hey Lisa!
    Very cool site! Love the images and thoughts. Keep it coming!

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  9. Hi Lisa! So glad I finally got a chance to check out your GREAT blog! It was wonderful meeting you at BlogHer, and I’m glad I will still get to catch up with you here :)

  10. Sue kirby

    Incredible website and blogs!!
    Wishing you all the happiness with your new adventure!
    You do rock and make sure you keep smiling:)

  11. Monica Anderson

    Lisa! You ROCK!!! XOXO

  12. Hank Tenney

    You Lee Lee are very cool. I mean very, very cool.

    I wish you could hear my inflection when i say “very”.

    I’ve not only emphasized but also elongated the word.

    So it’s kind of like “veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrry”

    Yeah, that cool.


  13. Auntie P.

    What can I say? Just FABULOUS! I read every blog! Keep it coming!

    Auntie P.

  14. Kimberly Mezzalingua

    Hey Lisa! Thanks for including me in this beautiful journey and giving me the opportunity to read and analyze one of my favorite artists as well! You were always a special girl with drive and energy. A glass half full girl with so much energy! Congrats to you !!!!!

    Love, Kimmy De Pinto Mezzalingua

  15. KB

    Another wonderful endeavor!
    I so look forward to following your blog.
    That Bruce is one lucky guy to have you for a fan!
    With love. KBS

  16. Hello there, You’ve performed a fantastic job. I will definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this site.

  17. Great site…I bookmarked it and will return often….

  18. Mick


    turn up the band!

    Go LeeLee

  19. Cheryl

    My Lee Lee, Congratulations on the launch of your dreams. Nothing could compare to how proud I am to have been able to walk along side with you to watch you fulfill your dreams. You are an amazing writer and best friend, your stories will touch the hearts and lives of many. But not many can say that they still have a bond as we did when we were 5 years old.. That is our JERSEYGIRL BOND my friend. It can not be undone. For that I thank you. My all your inspirations continue to transpire in your writing. I will be with you every step of the way…. Love you xo Cheryl (Jersey)

  20. So very true….Thanks for blogging this….

  21. Marianne Esposito

    what an inspirational website you created Lisa.. I finally had a chance to click on your blogs and what I read had me crying. you are truly a very strong and brave woman. Good luck with all your endeavors… and Bruce is AWESOME!!! LOVE YA GIRL

  22. Tracy

    I am so excited for you! The site is amazing and all the hard work you did getting it up and running has really paid off!
    Let the music play my friend!!!
    We’ll chat at the field
    XOXO Tracy

  23. Karen

    Congrats! Great site Lisa! Enjoyed your blogs to date.
    Love Auntie Karen

  24. donna( Mrs. G)

    I have just finished reading your blogs. The way you write ,the words you use ,make me feel as if we are in the same room. I have a picture in my mind of what you shared. I am going to stop, smell the coffee and think about lyrics and how they make me feel.
    I love you,and I am beyond proud of you!!

    Love,( your favorite teacher).
    P.S. I always knew you would do something very special ,very creative……

  25. Jayne

    Great site, Lisa…congrats!!! Looking forward to seeing your pictures from Fenway! Best of luck with your blogging…so happy to have another Jersey Girl as a friend here in RI!!

  26. Jim

    Congrats! Awesome site. Awesome launch!

  27. LIBBY

    The journey continues with your new venture. The road sometimes is rough but of course the tough keep going. Your passion and energy is admirable. Keep following your dreams and hold fast to the past. I am happy to be a part of your past, present and future.
    Lova ya always!

  28. Rita

    Wow!!! I am sitting here in p.j.’s unable to tear myself away from the computer. Your writing is so moving, to say the least. I am in and out of moments of laughter and tears. So impressive, inspirational, and down right amazing! Bravo Lee Lee!! Go Jersey!!! Love ya sista!

    p.s. Was at the mawl yesterday…ahhmazing pok-a-books!!!!! LOL!


  29. Jerilyn

    Hey you! Great job! Site looks wonderful! Good luck and way to go.

  30. Hey girlfriend,

    Welcome to the blogosphere. Those pictures of you rock! Who knew?
    I love the premise of this blog–life and lyrics and endless storytelling.
    I wish you every success.

  31. kate

    You did it girlfriend! So proud of you…I’ll never forget driving to Jersey with you talking about this and all the fears and excitement. Love the stories! Congratulations! See you tonight at Fenway!

  32. Mike

    Awesome site! Way to go! Looking forward to seeing Bruce this weekend.

  33. paul zarrella

    Sweet site! really sharp. Now its time for some fresh content so go have a great time this weekend!!!

  34. Hi Lisa,

    OMG! I cant believe it’s August 14th I almost forgot todays date!!! I am lucky I know my name some days!! Gotta listen to some BRUCE!! LOL! It is so awesome what you have done!! Good luck I can’t wait to read more! All the best~ much love Roseanne

  35. Lori

    Wow! Like you, this is simply awesome! I so enjoyed reading every word (and hearing the notes play in my head :-) I connected with it, I felt it, I felt you in it. It’s a beautiful thing to actually witness someone’s passion come to life. Congratulations! You should feel so proud! I can’t wait to read more… Love & hugs XO

  36. pamela


    Way to go! So proud of you!! You grab life by the horns my friend!

    Cant wait for more!!!!

    pamela xoxox

  37. Hi!!

    Love the site! Love the pictures! Anything I can do to help, let me know!! My inspiration is Jamie Cullum (jazz pianist and songwriter from the U.K.). I love his music and lyrics and feel totally connected and at peace when I listen to it. I’m so looking forward to following your blog. Good luck and hope to meet up in September!


  38. Julia

    At last!!!! I couldn’t be prouder or happier for you! Looking forward to sharing this journey with you – Thanks for sharing! Love, Julia

  39. Hey Sister,

    Brava! And welcome to the empowered women bloggers club. It’s a special group, as we both discovered the moment met met each other and so many other amazingly cool chicks at the recent BlogHer’12 conference in NYC.

    So let the music play dear lady – you’ve got a steady following ready to join you with open ears and more importantly, connected hearts.

    ps It’s ironic that I am checking out your musical blog on a day when I sang in the choir at the funeral for one of my musical legends, Marvin Hamlisch. Our musical heroes do more than just offer their music – they create the soundscapes of our lives. If you’d like to read my personal story about Marvin, go to: http://www.Diva-Mama.com/Uncle-Marvin-Hamlisch-That-Is

    Congratulations again. I hope you enjoy every note of this new journey my friend.

    Huge hugs and massive applause!

  40. Woo Hoo! Congrats! So great meeting you at Blogher! I love your passion and spirit! Looking forward to updates! Luv, K

  41. catherine bonagura

    hi lisa received your mailer and we think it’s a terrific idea.regards to mom dad and zia love catherine&frank

  42. Elisa

    Best of luck with you new website! Love ya!

  43. Jodi

    You rock! What a passionate and intelligent woman you are..

  44. Regina / "Grandma"

    I am so happy for you!!! You should be so proud…… a dream come true!! Lots of Love!

  45. Angel

    I am so proud of you. You are a wonderful person and no one can take that from you. Love ya

  46. Paul McGonagle


  47. Cathie

    Love that you are continuing with your dream of writing and can’t wait to read your stories!! All the BEST to you!! Love you! Cathie Anne

  48. Emma

    Glad you have ignited your passion and love how happy it makes you. Go for it.

  49. Zing

    Best website ever :D I’ll check for new posts every day

  50. Thomas

    Your website is great! You are a rock star!
    Love you!

  51. Tom

    I’m proud of you…way to follow your passions…best of luck. Love, Tom

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